History of BetaLands can be broken down into multiple Eras

  • Early Era (2015)
  • Good Era (2016-September 2017)
  • Dark Ages (October 2017-April 2018)
  • Merger Reconstruction (April 2018-May 2018)
  • Era of Drama (June 2018-August 2018)
  • New Age (September 2018-October 2018

Towns (Old Map)

Beta Valley: One of the original settlements on the new map, as well one of the original three portions of Trinity, the biggest town on the server

Trinity: The first settlement every created on both the old and new map, as well as the original area of Trinity.

Pancevo: Good town, founded by FoxyFoxMcCloud, named after the Serbian city where he is from.

Chugga Town: A private town owned by chuggacornoroy, was one of the biggest towns due to alts. Based on Chugga's town on the 2016 world.

NO NORMIES REE: Definitely not bezt town. Profagation is full of shit, motherland Pancevo bezt town.

Lazor Land: Large City made by MasterlazorX. Known for being very close to spawn and for the largest public cactus farm.

Truopolis: Town made by toxic player TheTrueChewy, widely hated mainly as it claimed tons of land and for some time had a tax system.

Truopolis Town made by toxic player TheTrueChewy, widely hated mainly as it claimed tons of land and for some time had a tax system.

d: Town made by Swaglicious_R and a few other Pančevo veterans.

Towns (New Map)

New Swagland: The successor to Swagland on the old map.

BetaVillwNew: York 2.0. First town on the map, just like old BetaVille.

New York City: A project by LoyalWolf_99 and successor to Coruscant on the previous map.


Sweetz / Mikey : The creator of BetaLands who for some reason gets shit on for not doing anything

jm03 : 14 year old homo faggot from serbia that has no life other than raging about minecraft on the internet

Storm : The man, the myth, the legend


EvanTheMovieGuy A former moderator on the server. Former owner of Beta Valley, co-owner of Trinity/Betaville, owner of the Trinity Discord. It feels like he's been playing for a fucking eternity.

MasterlazorX : Loser

Swaglicious-R : Traitor of betalands

FoxyFoxMcCloud : The only dev. Does absolutely nothing, very inactive due to college.

D4rky/Flyshow/Nombombs : Crazy Venezuelan fag. Banned on Discord.

filmdestruction : Snitch, liar, thief, and most importantly the one with the stutter!

Mataxus: Just a player who told all of his story.

Xerut : A very edgy Bulgarian kid (he is bezt pleyah nibbas)

clockwork : A very nice player, tries to be nice to all and treat all the same as others.

Haive : Some Aussie idiot who has been playing Minecraft for way too long who would just like to see a stable community without unneeded drama like the good old days.

NewZacSucks : A retarded bulgarian kid who likes to swear in his home language.

MrCreeper6Real: Annoying little brat who is known for spamming and creating a awful town (The_Underground)