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BetaVille from a distance (Sometime in early 2018)


Betaville as of May, 2017

The Origins of BetaVilleEdit

The origins of BetaVille came about sometime in early 2016, the exact date is not known. Being one of the first of several ancient towns in the new map of BetaLands. Betaville was founded by two controversial players, one known today as "Leii" and "RichardMcKee" but originally named as Ankj and jm03, who left quickly due to Ankj's inactivity. The town grew in size thanks to the adding players such as RevokGaming - known as RevoK today and a current veteran player-and also a much older player, Gary12345777. The town originally housed 3 players but grew to a massive 80 players as the months passed.

BetaVille Throughout 2017/18Edit

BetaVille being the birthplace of Trinity-the largest nation of players in BetaLands today -obviously went through mayor changes as time passed. The first change was the name changes it went through; a total of 4. Some of these names were: Retrocity, Pentrad, some weird German name developed by LegoMaster2149, and finally Trinity. the second change included the creation of an overworld railway system built by Vetam33 that connected BetaVille with New Trinity. Next, the renovation of BetaVille which came in help from mostly a player named Xerut and some side aid from its current owner, RevoK. This helped the town appeal more players throughout the early weeks and months of 2018 by adding "hedges" and 3 block wide paths with stone slabs on the sides and cobblestone in the center. The last mayor change was not one that was beneficial to the town whatsoever. Recently, the server's owner, Sweetz, left on an 8 day trip to Alaska and caused a crucial plugin known as Towny - this prevented claimed buildings from being vandalized or destroyed-to go down. The town was partially griefed for the first time twice in its history. However, thanks to the return of Sweetz, the town has been restored back to its regular state.

Notable Players and Structures Edit

Just like any place with history, it has its famous people and well known structures. The structures include some of the original players' homes such as RevoK's 2nd base on the server, Richard and Gary's shared home, EMBEAM's old house, Spieler's first base, and not to mention the damn cobblestone deer that has been standing before even RevoK came to be recognized. Some of its more notable players come in a wide variety:

Spieler4096 - Known to have similar building style as Vetam33

Ankj/RichardMcKee - Town founder

jm03 - First ever resident. Founded town with Ankj, had big plans for the town until Ankj never joined again after the town was made, not realizing Ankj started using the username RichardMcKee, jm03 left the town quickly.

EMMBEAM - Responsible for the tall castle-like cobblestone tower

Xerut - Aided in the renovation of Betaville

Fixer_EU - Built some really nice buildings appealing to the town

RevokGaming - Current town owner and also known for his large builds

EvantheMovieGuy- Being one of the Trinity owners, now that Trinity is gone and it's just Betaville now, he is one of the co-owners of Betaville

DynamicWarfare- Being one of the Trinity owners, now that Trinity is gone and it's just Betaville now, he is one of the co-owners of Betaville

Vetam33 - While not originating in Betaville, he did aid by constructing the origins of the overworld railway and also because he is unbelievably good at building in Beta(or any version really).

Gilbarto - Mayor of Trinity for 1.7 seconds right before disbanding it.

(If there is anything I missed let me know on discord or on site)

-RevoK (and jm, cucks)